halie and the moon weaves poetic musical dreamscapes… spinning texture-rich layers and stripping them away to create worlds within worlds of sound.

The original music of halie and the moon traverses themes of dreamscapes, love, mystery, and celestial images. Each song is brought to life by lush vocals wrapped in the warmth of cello and acoustic guitar, lifted by lyrical and powerful rhythms, building texture-rich layers and stripping them away to create worlds within worlds of sound.

halie and the moon found its way into the world when internationally-acclaimed vocalist/songwriter/pianist Halie Loren and songwriter/guitarist Daniel Gallo found a musical chemistry with each other that propelled them to chase big musical dreams. “Daniel’s songs spoke to my soul in such a deep way, in the way that exquisite poetry does, that I knew this music would be my medicine – and probably someone else’s as well”, says Loren. They, along with drummer Beau Eastlund and bassist/vocalist Bobby Stevens, began their adventure as a band by immediately entering the studio to bring their songs to life. They crossed paths with cellist/vocalist Katherine Dudney, the perfect fifth element for The Moon, last fall. The five-some has been working and creating tirelessly ever since on their tight and dynamic arrangements of dozens of original songs, four of which are featured on the brand new groove-a-licious summertime EP release A Million Suns: vol. 1, a warm and earthy collection that expands upon and plays harmonious counterpoint to the band’s debut EP, the cool and crystalline Blue Transmissions: vol. 1.

halie and the moon_photo by Bob Williams


halie and the moon’s debut official music video for “Winter”, from their debut EP “Blue Transmissions: vol. 1”, was released December 22, 2015.

Videography by Jared Simpson, Lighting design by Bob Williams. Concept and visuals by halie and the moon.

“Making Of the Video” gallery (click to expand images):


“A Million Suns: vol. 1”

Listen to halie and the moon’s newest EP “A Million Suns: vol. 1” – click to stream (please email to request access to downloadable mp3 files):

“Blue Transmissions: vol. 1”

Songs featured on halie and the moon’s debut EP “Blue Transmissions: vol. 1” – click to stream (please email to request access to downloadable mp3 files):

"A Million Suns: vol. 1" EP cover

“A Million Suns: vol. 1” EP artwork gallery (click to expand images):

“Blue Transmissions: vol. 1” EP artwork gallery (click to expand images):


All photos by Bob Williams (http://bobwilliamsphotographer.com)

Download high resolution photos HERE (it’s a .zip file)

Performance highlights:

  • Newport Performing Arts Center (Newport, OR), June 2016
  • The Shedd Institute (Eugene, OR), 2015 & 2016
  • KPLU (now KNKX) Seattle live radio performance, June 2016
  • “Blue Transmissions” EP release (First Christian Church, Eugene, OR)
    raised $1000 for Lane County, OR non-profit Womenspace
  • Upcoming: Florence Winter Folk Fest (Florence, OR), January 2017

Interviews & Media

Music blog reviews of halie and the moon’s EPs:

Interview on KLCC Eugene with with host Eric Alan about halie and the moon’s EP Release/Womenspace Benefit Concert held on 11/14/15:

Article in The Register-Guard (Oregon’s 2nd most-read newspaper) about halie and the moon’s EP Release concert event on 11/14/15:


Your music is very like my experience of the ocean. First, the fresh and familiar soft sea mist. Then the gentle lapping of the low tide waves, stealing the grains of sand from beneath one’s feet. Then the sweeping power of the rising tide. Lovely. Just. Lovely.Debora Harrow (fan, 12/24/15) | https://www.facebook.com/halieandthemoon/posts_to_page/
Blue Transmissions: Vol 1 wraps you into a lovely cocoon of eclectic sound not easily pressed into any genre while bearing the mark of this special collaboration of vocals, cello, bass, acoustic guitar, and drums… My only complaint about Blue Transmission is that it is a four song EP and not a 12 (or more!) song full album.”JT Frasier, music blogger - review on 12/26/15 | https://joesgeekfest.wordpress.com/2015/12/26/halie-and-the-moons-blue-transmissions-ep-leaves-you-anything-but-blue/
It was over the top great music. I was transported. Their music has a transformative or meditative quality that takes you out into the ethereal realm.Mary Kay Brant (live concert attendee, 11/14/15) | https://www.facebook.com/events/396581133872339/
What an amazing show… and the music rich, full and extraordinary!Bob Williams (live show attendee, 11/14/15) | https://www.facebook.com/events/396581133872339/

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What’s Next…


What’s Next…

halie and the moon is currently in the studio creating the band’s follow up EP for release in Spring 2016. Visit www.halieandthemoon.com to keep up with the band’s evolving creative endeavors.